Sheepdog Trials
A Brief History


The first ever sheep dog trials took place at the Mill Home, Keelogs, Binnion on the 27th of October 1954.


Committee Members 1954

President Rev Douglas

Chairman Phillip Grant

Secretary Nuala Grant (daughter of Phillip Grant)

Treasurer Packie Harkin

Jim Clafferty, John M Doherty, John Gallen, Philip Grant, Jack Grant, John Lynch, Michael McEleney, M Harkin, P Gibbons,Willie Grant, Anthony McHale, P Doherty (James), B O'Doherty, Mac Devlin, P Grant James Kelly, J McEleney, Anthony McErlean, Eddie Noone.

Prizewinners that year in the Open Class were as follows;

1st prize J Brady, Co Antrim with Jess
2nd Prize J Brady. Co Antrim with Ditto
3rd Prize N Phillips, Co Down with Spy
Prize money was 4, 3 and 2.

In 1955, the Clonmany Sheepdog Trials moved to the Warren, Binnion. The Sheepdog Trials continued up until 1959 at Binnion but unfortunately events lapsed that year and did not recommence until 1967 where the trials were held in Pollan Green, Ballyliffin. This annual event still takes place at Pollan Green and remains popular to this day.



Committee Members 2000
Committee Members 1967
Committee Members since 1954

Sheepdog Trials at Binion 1959
Sheepdog Trials 1954

Sheepdog Trials 2000


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