Clonmany Shamrocks F.C.

Clonmany Shamrocks FC is one of the longest serving organisations in our parish. Through the dedication of many people down the years the Shamrocks have now established themselves as one of the most successful organisations in the parish.

During the 60's and 70's the team played their games in Peter's Field (Cleagh). A second team, Clonmany Youths, were started in 1974 and played in the Isle of Doagh. The committee at this stage felt that the club needed a new pitch. In February 1976 they met with the Clonmany festival about developing the Pond Field. In May 1978 such an agreement was signed. In May 1979 the club moved to "Station Field", near the Station House in Cleagh.

After a lot of fund raising with generous donations from many quarters the Shamrock park was eventually officially opened in August 1981. The first game played on the new pitch was between Sligo Rovers and Inishowen Select.

The next stage, the committee now felt, would be to provide a dressing room and shower facilities. This development began in 1982, following a great fund raising effort. In February a shelter was erected at the side of the pitch for supporters.

Further developments followed, such as storage facilities and a boundary wall at the entrance. Much of these developments were financed by the mayoral campaigns. The behind-the-scene successes and achievements of the committee have been well matched by the success of the team on the pitch. Perhaps their finest hour was in 1995 when the team, managed by Willie Gill, lifted the premier league, the top four cup and the league cup.


Past Players

25th Clonmany Festival Anniversary Booklet - Clonmany Shamrocks


Premiere League winners certificate - 1995
Bertie O'Neill - Top Four Cup winners certificate 1995
The Goal Posts go up!
Step One - Step Two - Step Three - Step Four
Young Guns

Drawing of the Pond Field
New Kits

C.C Cork V's Clonmany Shamrocks - flag
U.S Sangano V's Clonmany Shamrocks - flag

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