Clonmany Improvement Project
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Our biggest project to date has been the improved ease of access to Glenevin waterfall and the recent 'Glen Walk'. This involved reversing a somewhat inaccessible area by making it much easier for everyone to enter . Astonishingly, many people living locally have never seen this beautiful waterfall and others never even knew it existed! With the aid of a FAS scheme we created a mile long path which criss crosses the river on wooden foot bridges and follows the adjacent babbling river, which finally, and spectacularly, descends into a beautiful Glen with a gushing waterfall.

Along the way we made rest areas of stone benches and secluded picnic areas with tables and benches. There are paths going up to the heights for breathtaking scenic views climaxing in a 40 foot waterfall cascading down into a funnel shape solid rock pool. This pool forms the river that spills over the rocks as it flows along to the sea. Every weekend during the Summer months we have about three hundred people visiting the waterfall and a significant number of sightseers visit during the winter months. Schools bring their pupils here as part of the geology and environment studies as well as on class trips. Whether you come for the exercise of walking through the Glen and mountain paths or to enjoy the tranquil beauty, you will find your stress left behind whilst 'ag deanamh d'anama' (finding your soul).


Local students at home for their Summer break painted litter barrels which were placed around the various beaches, the waterfall and other areas. They also picked up litter from beaches and emptied the barrels all Summer, keeping the areas really litter free.



We are still working on this project and hope to expand it further. We hope it will become known as one of the wonders of Inishowen. The people who did all the work on this project, deserve all the credit. Without the hard work of the committee and the FAS workers this project could never have happened. Indeed, their enthusiasm and persistence have turned the dream into the wonderful reality that it is!

Our effort has been recognised by the council and after a lot of campaigning we now have bottle banks in the parochial car park situated opposite Centra supermarket which we hope people will use regularly. These are the only recycling points in the Inishowen area outside of Buncrana. We also cleaned up St Columbs Holy Well in Binnion and Roger Doherty (Copen) made an impressive cross which was placed there to honour its presence. Picnic tables and benches were located at the beaches alongside a walk area over the dunes at Tullagh beach and a stonewall and entrance to Leenan beach.

The Clonmany Improvement Project committee consists of the following people:-

Chairperson Doris Russo,

Vice Chairperson Ian Mc Eleney,

Carol Doherty,

Treasurer Fidelma Mc Laughlin.

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