It's Us They're Tallking About


Charles McGlinchey was born in Meentiagh Glen in the parish of Clonmany in 1861 and lived there until 1954. A weaver by trade, he spent almost all his long life in his native place.


Patrick Kavanagh, principal of Gaddyduff National School, Clonmany, who had spent his childhood as a neighbour, realised the importance of what he had to say and chronicled his memoirs over many years.


Brian Friel subsequently edited the manuscript and it was published in book form as "The Last of the Name" and has been recently been published in French as "Le Dernier du Nom".

Against this backdrop the first McGlinchey Summer School was held in Clonmany in June 1998. The Focus of the first Summer School was the 1938 folklore collection.


Proceedings from the McGlinchey Summer School 1998
'It's Us They're Talking About'
Issue 1

Edited by Margaret Farren and Mary Harkin


Margaret Farren
Opening Talks
Marius Harkin and Desmond Kavanagh
Master Danny: A Lesson in Quiet Determination
Margaret Farren
The Most Irish Parish
Aodh O'Canainn
It's Us They're Talking About: Laurence Farren
Margaret Farren
Fá Ghleanntáin Inis Eoghain
    Hunting for songs in the parish of Clonmany

Jimmy McBride

It's Us They're Talking About: Liam Grant
Margaret Farren
Scéim Na Scoil
Séamus O'Catháin
It's Us They're Talking About: John Barney Toland
Margaret Farren
Farms and Fields:
    Landholding and Settlement in Nineteenth-Century Clonmany
Martina O'Donnell

It's Us They're Talking About: Lily Ivors and Hughie Copen
Margaret Farren
Last of the Names
Ian Wright
It's Us They're Talking About: Margaret Mary Comiskey
Margaret Farren

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