26th, 27th, 28th June 1998 Summer School Schedule

This new Summer School is named after Charles Mc Glinchey, weaver and storyteller from the area whose memoirs were chronicled by local schoolmaster Patrick Kavanagh . These manuscripts were later edited by Brian Friel, and published in bookform as ‘The Last of the Name’.

Its focus will be on the folklore, tradition and history of the North West in general, and Inishowen in particular. It will consist of a series of lectures, presentations, story telling, traditional music, and an exhibition centre which will include an art exhibition.

The primary attraction of the weekend will centre on a collection of manuscripts written in 1938 by local school children, who under the guidance of their teachers collected history of their local area. These manuscripts are now part of a unique collection of folklore – the Schools collection – which is preserved in the Dept of Irish Folklore, U.C.D. To celebrate the work of the scholars and the teachers of that time, we are bringing back to Clonmany some of this rich material. The director of the Deptartment of Irish Folklore, Seamus O’Cathain, will give a talk on this important collection.

The Summer School will also feature lectures given by authors, Godfrey Duffy and Aodh O’Canainn, local historians Conail Byrne and Jimmy McBride. Brother Tom Connolly will be giving a talk on the placenames of Clonmany and Martina O’Donnell, U.C.D, will conduct a field trip of the area.

The past is fast disappearing and the purpose of this Summer School is to celebrate and examine the past . There is great interest from the people of the North West about the McGlinchey Summer School and it is also expected to attract a large number of visitors on a national level. Every taste wil be catered for, fringe events will consist of hill climbs, concerts, storytelling, and traditional music. In addition admission is free to all events except the concert on the Sunday night.

For further information or brochure please contact

Vera Bradley P.R.O.,
McGlinchey Summer School,
Co Donegal.
Tel / Fax (077) 76129.


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