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DATE : 29th July 1999      90 Pages

  The Strand Hotel
  The Ballyliffin Hotel

DATE : 28th July 1999      89 Pages

  Genealogy Message Board

DATE : 27th July 1999      87 Pages

  Clonmany Festival
  1999 Clonmany Festival Programme

DATE : 25th June 1999      86 Pages

  McGlinchey Summer School

DATE : 5th June 1999      85 Pages

  McGlinchey Summer School Schedule 1999

DATE : 30th January 1999      84 Pages

  Title Page


  Historical Articles, Journals, Records, Chronicles, etc...
  Photographs, Postcards, etc...
  Folklore & School Manuscripts of 1938

  The Fairies
  The Wee Folk
  Story (Famine)
  Holy Wells
  St Brigid's Crosses
  Fionn McCool's Rock
  Colmcille's Prophecies
  Weather Signs
  A Death Long Ago

  I. The Name of the Parish, Situation, Extent, etc.
  II. Mines, Minerals, etc.
  III. Modern Buildings, etc.
  IV. Ancient Buildings, etc.
  V. Present and former State of Population, Food, Fuel, etc
  VI. The Genius & Disposition of the Poorer Classes, etc.
  VII. The Education and Employment of Children, etc.
  VIII. State of Religious Establishment, Tithes, etc, etc.
  IX. Modes of Agriculture, Crops, etc.
  X. Of Trade, Manufactures, Commerce, etc.
  XI. Natural Curiosities, remarkable Occurrences, etc.
  XII. Suggestions for Improvement, etc.
  APPENDIX : TOWNLANDS, their Derivations, etc.

  Road Works at the Cross (Photograph)

  Carrickabraghey Castle
  Leenan Fort

  Doagh Farm (Heritage Centre, Isle of Doagh)

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