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Martin Roddy's Uganda Trip Fundrasing Update

Bulaba Climb

Included in the group that climbed Bulaba in July are John Collins, Pat
Higgins, Bridget Higgins, Frank Fogarty, Mildred Gill and Martin Roddy.

Caohaon Fogarty was the first to reach the top.

Bridget and Pat Higgins and Frank Fogarty wait on the rest.

The Triangle Reunion Gig

One fund raising event which generated great interest was the coming
together of Danny McCarron, Vinny Grant and Jonny McEleeney to reform the
Triangle. The boys played together for the first time in 25 years. A huge
crowd attended this gig, generating over €1,100. Thanks to everyone who
supported this in anyway, espeically the band and the management of the
Pollan Beach Hotel.

Contact Martin for Details : martin.j.roddy@seagate.com

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